10% off brands for J4U members

Safeway has added a 10% off Safeway brands & selected partnering brands discount in their JustForYou program. It’s valid through 3/5/2013 and will save you an extra 10% off selected items. There is also a 20 cent discount per gallon of gas when you spend over $20 on your next visit which is valid through 2/26/2013. These deals may or may not be available but if they are they will be located in the personalized deals section under special offers.


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How to use the Safeway Club Card and JustForU Program

Shopping at Safeway grocery stores is an easy way to save $$$ on your everyday needs. Safeway provides customers with a rewards card, known as the Safeway Club Card, as well as their JustForU program which is associated with your rewards card. Be sure to check out your local Safeway weekly ad, online ads at Safeway.com, as well as the JustForU program for new bargains every week.

How to get started saving $ at Safeway:

Step #1: Sign up to Safeway’s Club card if you haven’t already to start saving on groceries and earning rewards points. You can sign up in store or by printing out the application from online and bringing it in. You can find the form online here. Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for their rewards card online, it must be done in store. You can become a new member quickly in store and there is no membership fee at all.

Step #2: Once you have your Safeway Club Card in hand, you can save even more $ by registering to Safeway’s JustForU program online.  JustforU is based on your purchase history and organized for you so that you can save on items that you purchase on a regular basis. To sign up to JustForU, visit Safeway.com and click on the “justforU” tab on the top left. You will be able to link your rewards club card to JustForU account during the signup process. Be sure to write down your login & password as you will need it later! Just for signing up you will also automatically receive $5 off your next purchase of $30 or more as well!

Step #3: Safeway offers apps for your smartphone & tablet! Be sure to download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play depending upon your device. Just search for ‘Safeway’ in the respective app store. You can then login with your JustForU account details to easily manage your coupons.

Step #4: How to use the Safeway Club Card & JustForU Program:

Via An App: Open the app on your device and sign in. First you can click on Weekly Ads button to view deals for the current week. These are not part of the JustForU program but are standard offers from Safeway that are part of their normal advertisement circulars. Once you find an item that you would like to purchase in store, click on “Add to My List. This item will be added to your shopping list which is available via the Safeway app to use as a reference while in the store. You could also print out this list. Once you have found all the items you may want to buy from the normal Club Card discounts, click on the “Home” button and then click on the “justforU offers” button to view additional coupons as well as discounts specifically for you. Once you find an item you want to purchase, click on the “Add to My Card” to add the item to your club savings card.  After you add the item to your card, you can also click the “Add to My List” button so you will not forget to buy these items. 

Via Safeway.com: You can go to Safeway.com in your browser to manage  your account, view weekly ads, and add justforU coupons to your card and shopping list. Under the justforU tab on the website there are four tabs listed:

Coupon Center: This is the main section of the JustForU program. Here you can add coupons to your Club Card by clicking the add button associated with each item. Items are automatically added to your Saving List once added

Personalized Deals: Here you can find deals that are personalized just for you based upon items you have bought in the past. You can also add these discounted items to your card.

Your Special Savings:  This section lists items that you currently buy that are on sale at the moment at your local Safeway.

Savings List: This page lists all your existing discounts you have added to your card so you can print this out and take it with you.

Step #5: JustForU is updated every Tuesday evening at about midnight, so be sure to check your local paper for new circulars or visit the site via an app or your browser prior to going shopping. Safeway says that discounts added to your card are immediately available for use in store; however I’d suggest giving it 20-30 minutes just to be sure.

This is just a starting point for saving $ at Safeway. In a few of our coming posts we will discuss how to combo manufacturer coupons with existing store discounts as well as earning bonus points to save $ on gas!

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Neutrogena Therapeutic Hair Care 20% OFF + Coupon

If you are in the Seattle area, Bartell Drugs currently has a 20% OFF discount on all Neutrogena Therapeutic Hair Care products and there is also a $2 manufacturer’s coupon in their weekly ad. You can also pick up the coupon from Neutrogena’s site. The manufacturer’s coupon expires at the end of this year so you have plenty of time to use it. These normally go for about $6 and come down to just over $3 with this combo deal.

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